Three Tiered Sales Event

We understand that a dark Shadow has been cast on our industry, therefore we created a National Advisory Board, made up of 80% dealers and 20% Marketing & Automotive Experts that gave the old traditional Super Sale model a complete up and down makeover.

Members Only Automotive, while in the incubation stages of development, gave birth to a whole new set of rules and game changing innovation when it comes to Staffed Events. The Advisory Board created the Three Tiered Comprehensive Approach and turned the Negatives into Positives in a very impacting way for the dealership and the customers.

MOA’s Comprehensive Three Tiered Approach:



Creating the Movement

3 weeks before the sale starts, MOA will warm up the market, create the buzz and steam of the event, and create that Movement with a Cause with the New Chosen Spotlight Dealer and Local Charity. Social Media, news Media, and Marketing Methods will seed the area and draw 500-1000 customers to the Spotlight Dealer Showroom when the event arrives.



“A star is Born” Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Program

2 Weeks before the sale starts, MOA will start the Star is born program. The store’s managers and salespeople will attend live webinars; receive e-training, sales guides, and best practices for the sale. This world class training will catapult them to a whole new level of sales success and it will truly get the store ready for the event, from handling customers, the charity, the camera crews, and gift seekers. This Pre-training and mentoring allows the store’s staff to embrace the sale and not run from it. The store’s staff will be prepared and motivated for the Biggest Event in the History of their dealership.

“The Ultimate Automotive Sales Experience”, The Community Sales Event

A blockbuster event, featuring The Spotlight Dealer, local Charity on site, and Members Only Automotive and its facilitators. Free 5 day visitors pass, discount vouchers, free gifts, camera operators on site filming, charity booth giving free raffle tickets, and a record sales event happening for the dealer’s sales department. The last hour of the Event ends with a “Trophy Presentation to the Spotlight Dealer and a Charity Check presentation to the charity”. Then the store draws a winner for a Big Screen TV. Hundreds of customers and news media will be on site during the presentation. A first time Community Sale for the public, community involvement, shared value, and all 5 core values of the dealer will be met…Market Share, Margin, CSI, Community Embracement, and a Well Trained Staff.


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